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Trekking Poles

The trekking poles will be your strong feet. When you are tired and even feel weak On the way up the mountain, It will be your strongest support and carefully protect your every step. 
How to choose a suitable trekking poles ?
1、 The price of trekking poles can be roughly divided into the following three levels:
1. Below 20USD - hypermarkets and supermarkets, suitable for primary users
2. 20 ~ 100USD - can meet 80% of the needs of mountain friends
3. More than 100 - outdoor players who are willing to challenge more mountains
2、 Material of trekking poles
1. 6061 aluminum alloy - generally, trekking poles below 20USD are made of ordinary aluminum alloy, which contains many impurities such as nickel and is not strong enough. It is easy to have safety concerns after long use.

2. 7075 aluminum alloy - aerospace grade material, with good corrosion resistance, lighter weight and firmer.  it will be the best choice recommended

3. Carbon fiber - carbon fiber trekking poles is definitely the first choice for high price. The advantage is that it is lighter. It can be about 100g lighter than aerospace aluminum trekking poles, and the price will increase by about 100USD. It depends on how much you care about the 100g to determine whether you need to choose carbon fiber. Especially for backpackers, the foldable and portable carbon fiber trekking poles will become the first choice, but it is also a reminder that although there are many carbon fiber goods on the market, we should strictly check its pipe thickness and carbon fiber purity grade and others

3、 Form of trekking poles
1. Fixed type - unable to adjust the length, inconvenient for storage, not recommended at all.

2. Telescopic - the largest part of the market belongs to this type. The average length after overall storage is about 40 ~ 60 cm, which can be tied to the outside of the backpack behind the mountain. It is still inconvenient to move by means of transportation.

3. Folding - specially recommended! The new design just developed in the market in recent years is the most portable and easy to carry. After folding and storage, the length will not exceed 40cm. It can be easily put into the rear backpack and will not hinder your hands and feet. It is also more convenient to expand and adjust the length than the telescopic model. If you have a mountaineering plan or you may travel by mass transportation, the folding style mountaineering stick is definitely the first priority

The most important key point in selecting a folding mountaineering stick is the string of wires running through the whole stick. Generally, the keff pull wire is used. However, with the promotion of product grade, the most durable military keff pull wire with rubber coated outer layer and metal wire wound inner layer can be purchased in conventional commodities on the market. The strength is difficult to be damaged even with metal scissors, Only in this way can we bear the loss of weight resistance and pulling of the climbing stick for many years.

4、 Shaft length and height
The ideal height of the climbing stick is about the same as that of the waist or hip joint, because when walking, you will choose to shorten the uphill and lengthen the downhill, but you can't waste your good time adjusting the climbing stick when you go up and down. Therefore, the position close to the hip joint, that is, the waist belt of the backpack, is the most appropriate. You can also use different holding methods to adjust the length!

Length adjustment mode - it is mainly divided into full external buckle, external buckle + internal lock, and external buckle folding.
Full external buckle design, because there are three external buckle connection points, the overall structure will be unstable, and multiple external buckle charges will not be easy to operate. The mixed adjustment of external buckle and internal lock is more time-consuming, and the internal lock is prone to tooth collapse and loss. Therefore, the above two are not recommended.

The best choice is to buckle the folding trekking poles. Firstly, it eliminates the disadvantages of time-consuming adjustment, easy tooth collapse and non durability of the internal lock type. At the same time, it also takes into account the convenience and instantaneous combination characteristics of the folding type. The outer buckle design is adopted in the uppermost section, which is convenient for the adjustment of the rod length according to the terrain at any time, and it can even be operated with one hand after proficiency.

The above points are the key elements for the selection of trekking poles. Only when you choose the right one can you use them for up to ten years, and you won't regret walking while climbing. In addition to these four points, there are grip modeling material, removable wrist strap, tungsten steel alloy head, staff body and height matching, which should also be paid attention to when purchasing.