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Dec 14, 2021
How to make a fire in camping in the wild?
1. Use convex lens
After the intense sunlight is focused by the convex lens, it can generate enough heat to ignite the fire. Among them, the fastest way to get fire is to irradiate gasoline and alcohol, which can ignite the fire within 1-2 seconds. A magnifying glass or telescope, and the convex lens in the camera can all replace the convex lens to serve you. In addition, by setting a fire on the focus of the flashlight's reflective bowl, you can also make fire towards the sun. If in an environment with ice and snow, it is also possible to process the ice cube into a shape thick in the middle and thin in the periphery instead of the convex lens.
2. Hit rocks for fire
It is well known that our ancestors used flint to make fires. In fact, when I go outdoors, we can also find a hard rock to make the "flint" and knock the "flint" down with the back of a knife or a small piece of steel to make sparks fall on the fire. A hacksaw with teeth on the edge can generate more sparks than an ordinary knife. When the fire starts to smoke, blow or fan slowly to make it ignite an open flame. Of course, not any stone can ignite the fire, and the spark from the stone must have a certain amount of heat and duration to ignite the fire. Drawing on the same idea, now, travel friends prefer to use magnesium rods to light fires; and magnesium rods are easily ignited and easy to carry.
3. The battery makes a fire
If you have a battery with a larger battery, connect the positive and negative poles to both ends of the pencil lead that has been peeled off, and the pencil lead will burn as red as an electric stove wire in an instant. If you are traveling by car, you can take two long wires and connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. If there is no wire, you can use two wrenches or other metal tools instead. If the wire is not long enough, the battery can be taken out of the car. Slowly touch the ends of the two wires, a short circuit will produce sparks. At this time, a cloth dipped in gasoline is the best kind of fire.
4. Drilling wood to make fire
Using the most primitive and traditional ways to make fire by drilling wood and Yugi to make fire, these are correspondingly the most difficult and primitive ways to make fire with natural materials. Tie shoelaces, rope or leather belts with strong branches or bamboo to make a bow. Wrap a dry wooden stick around the bow and use it to spin quickly on a small piece of hardwood. This will drill out black powder, and finally, the powder will smoke and generate sparks to ignite the fire.
The above are all methods to make fires in wild camping, and they are very practical in wild camping. Therefore, all these knowledge can be found in the Baibai Safety Net to find the corresponding answer. At the same time, you can also learn more about the safety of scenic spots.