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Outdoor Gas Stove

How To Choose a Camping Stove ?
The most important equipment for outdoor picnic is the stove, which is also the basis of our picnic. A good stove will bring great fun to your picnic. The choice of stove mainly considers four aspects: weight, height, temperature and fuel combustion capacity.

We can often see the use of gas stove, alcohol stove and firewood stove outdoors.

It is one of the most popular and widely used stoves. Butane is used as fuel. We just bought this gas stove for outdoor picnic. The operation and installation are quite simple, with strong combustion firepower and no black smoke. It is very portable for outdoor. For firepower, it can reach more than 2200 watts, boil a liter of water for about 4-5 minutes, and it is windproof. It has higher wind resistance than ordinary stove heads, and is very suitable for outings.

There is also a kerosene stove. Its principle is the same as that of gasoline stove. The main difference is that the choice of fuel is different.

alcohol heater
Alcohol stove is the lightest and cheapest of all kinds of field stoves. It uses liquid fuels with low combustion degree, such as alcohol (methanol), which can be burned directly without pressurization. The structure of the alcohol stove is extremely simple, just a container containing alcohol and a stove frame supporting cookers. Because there is no need for complex mechanical parts, the alcohol stove is one of the easiest outdoor stoves to use. You can buy it or choose DIY. But its biggest disadvantage is that the fire output is very low. The fire power of combustion is much smaller than that of gas furnace and oil circuit. It is only suitable for boiling water and instant noodles and processing instant food. It is not suitable for cooking together.

The firewood stove may not sound as high-end and atmospheric as the previous stoves, but it is really very convenient in use. Compared with other stoves, its advantages are also obvious. First of all, the wood stove is very portable. Generally, the weight of the wood stove made of titanium alloy is only more than 100 grams, which is very light to carry. At the same time, the fuel of the wood stove can be obtained locally. Outdoor natural dead wood and straw can be used as fuel, and the firepower is also very guaranteed. Whether it is a simple meal for a single person or a "rotten meal" for a team, it is enough to deal with it.