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Camping Bed

How to choose a camping bed?
How to sleep better when camping? Choose a camping bed. It's the easiest way to improve your comfort! The English name of camping bed is camping cot, also called folding bed, marching bed, super light bed, camping bed.
How to choose a camping bed?

01. Supports and supporting structures
One of the core elements of the camping bed is its support and support structure.
Bracket: most camping bed brackets are made of aluminum, which is characterized by firmness and lightness; There are also heavy camping beds made of steel supports, which can bear heavy weight without bending or breaking. Therefore, before buying a camping bed, be sure to check the load of the bed in detail.

Today, campers use three support structures:
Straight leg structure: it is a more traditional structure type.
C-shaped leg structure: more suitable for indoor use.
X-shaped leg structure: it can provide high support. At present, this structure is mostly used in camping beds.

02. Weight
The average weight of the aluminum support camping bed is between 6 and 9 kg, and the heavy, steel support or oversized camping bed will be heavier. Nowadays, with the development of fabric and technology, there are many ultra light camping beds. What's the use of ultralight? When hiking and camping, the longer you walk, the more you want to bring some lightweight equipment.

03. Fabric
Nowadays, most camping bed fabrics are made of polyester fiber or nylon fabric, which has good support and is easy to clean, avoiding the characteristics of heavy cotton fabric and easy to be contaminated with dirt. In summer, you can also choose a camping bed with mesh fabric, which is cooler.

04. Comfort and support
Camping beds mainly rely on the tension of supports and fabrics to provide a comfortable sleeping surface, but different people have different sleeping habits and different requirements for the softness of beds and pillows. What should we do?
The tension of some camping beds can be adjusted. The surface fabric can be adjusted to a full tension state or a slightly relaxed state; Moreover, the structure of the camping bed can also be adjusted. You can adjust the three angles of reclining, lying flat and half sitting,... Three states are up to you to choose.

05. Dimensions
After unfolding, the average width of the camping bed is 63cm and the length is 190cm, which can accommodate most adults. However, in order to provide a more comfortable experience, some brands will widen the width, and there is a double camping bed, which is completely the configuration of outdoor big bed room, which is especially suitable for family travel.

06. Foldability
For portability and storage, almost all camping beds can be folded to a certain extent. Some are integrated with fabric and support, which can be folded and stored into a smaller area through four items. There are also some camping beds with decomposition design. The fabric and support can be completely decomposed, so the storage area will be smaller and easy to store.

07. Easy assembly
Camper bed assembly can be very simple, just unfold them and click the level into place. The innovative ultra light bed design requires a small amount of assembly actions, such as clamping in the cross bar, assembling the bed legs, and linking the cross bar and the bed legs through components, which is also very easy to install.